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Our Wine and Spirits Menu features hundreds of unique labels from all over the world.

Wines by the glass

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Wina Pod Nosem

Wine and Spirits Cellar

The underground of Pod Nosem Restaurant hides exquisite but at the same time, intimate area that will seduce all good wine lovers.

It is our Wine and Spirits Cellar with over 200 distinctive wine labels and exquisite spirits from around the world. It also comprises a wide selection of unique local liqueurs among hundreds of extraordinary wines and spirits.

Sophisticated spirits

Experience the taste of sophisticated spirits and wines from over the world. In the cellar we store selected spirits and wines from various parts of the globe.

We offer wines from Europe, South Africa, America and Australia, which are characterised by  rich bouquets. Try out the best quality, aromatic spirits.

Alkohole w Pod Nosem