Kanonicza 22 Suites in Cracow

Luxurious Kanonicza 22 Suites in Cracow is a place with three exclusive
suites, and a terrace with jacuzzi and view of the Wawel Royal Castle.

Kanonicza 22 historia

The history of Kanonicza 22 Suites

The town house number 22 was built in the first half of the 14th century. At that time, it was occupied by the ecclesial elite. In Renaissance Kanonicza Street was the gathering point of the most prominent residents. It was where courtly doctors, artists, historians, officials and poets had their houses. Next to it, at the Wawel Royal Castle, royal coronations and funerals were held.

During the Swedish Deluge in 1655, many of Cracow’s monuments and artefacts were seized or destroyed. Luckily, well-preserved historical polychrome details dating back to 1688 still decorate the luxurious Royal Suite situated on the first floor of our hotel in Cracow. However, they are not the only historic accents you will find there.

The wall features Renaissance paintings and ornate as well as hand-woven tapestries. In the second half of the 17th century, another floor was added to the town house and at present the Prince Suite is situated here. It features a wooden, antique bed and a spacious living area. Its sophisticated design is highlighted by hand-woven carpets with historic, Cracovian patterns.

The third floor of the town house was built in 1907, according to the design by the architect and restorer, Jan Sas-Zubrzycki. Kanonicza 22 is an excellent example of a Baroque Cracovian town house.

Rich architecture
of the Old Cracow

Abundant architecture as well as urban, historic and cultural qualities resulted in listing the Old Town in Cracow as an UNESCO World Heritage site. Kanonicza Street, including our town house, is included in that list. Over the years, the building has had a number of owners. The house survived many wars and renovations, and following a long-term revitalisation programme, in 2014 it regained its old glamour and style.

Today this boutique hotel marvels visitors from all around the world, leaving a permanent impression from the trip to the magic Old Town in Cracow. Kanonicza 22, situated at the foot of the Wawel Royal Castle, is a perfect combination of old and new. The residence is a historic monument covered by the project “Cracow – historic urban development” approved by the ordinance of the President of the Republic of Poland of 08.09.1994.

Kanonicza 22 hotel Kraków
Apartament Cesarski Kanonicza 22

Imperial Suite

The top floor of Kanonicza 22 town house in Cracow reveals a sun-soaked and bathed in white Imperial Suite. Spacious interiors, separate living area and a round, comfortable bed are worth the attention of an emperor. The suite also features stairs, inconspicuous at a first glance. They lead to a terrace with jacuzzi, where you can relax with a drink and delight your eyes with a magnificent view. There is a lot to admire: a breathtaking panorama of the Royal Castle and the picturesque neighbourhood of the Old Town.

Royal Suite

The Royal Suite is located on the first floor of our hotel. Its name originates from the originally preserved polychrome details and historic ceiling from 1688. You will find here a mysterious and murky interior that is very sunny at the same time. It is where splendour meets harmony. It features boutique furniture and a bedroom with a grand bed with canopy. The floor is covered with hand-woven carpet. Its elegant bathroom has heated floor made of Tiger Red Indie granite.

Apartament Królewski Kanonicza 22
Apartament Książęcy Kanonicza 22

Prince Suite

The Prince Suite situated in our hotel at Kanonicza 22 Street in Cracow is arranged in dark turquoise and deep brown colours with golden accents. Luxury interiors consist of a living area and a bedroom with a richly decorated bed and a spacious bathroom decorated with gold details, finished with natural, green Tropical Green Indie marble.

Wooden floor is covered with carpets originating from East Asia. The design is complemented by tapestries with historic, Cracovian patterns.

Kraków Kanonicza 22
Oferta dla biznesu Kanonicza22

Check our business offer

Our luxurious suites with jacuzzi are a great alternative for a stay during a business trip. We provide comfort, discretion and the highest quality service. Each hotel room has a convenient working area, a spacious living room and a large, comfortable bed. Kanonicza 22 Hotel in Cracow also features Pod Nosem Restaurant recognised in the Michelin Guide, where you can organise a business meeting with an important partner or a small company event with wine pairing.

Packages for hotel Guests

We offer our guests a number of attractive alternatives. For those who appreciate a possibility to cancel their booking several days before the planned arrival, we have prepared a special, flexible package. Best price guarantee is an option for travellers using a non-refundable deal. We encourage you to check our standard packages as well as our special gold package and a romantic stay package for couples and newlyweds.

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Enjoy additional services

Guests of our suites in Cracow can benefit from a range of supplementary services. We offer a complimentary breakfast, with a special menu created by the Chef of Pod Nosem Restaurant, for guests who book a stay with us. Travellers can also book a transfer to and from the airport as well as exclusive tours. If you have any special wishes concerning your stay, please contact us before your arrival.