Business meetings

Kanonicza 22 features not only a hotel in Cracow, but it also has an extensive restaurant offer and a perfect venue for organising business meetings.

Spotkanie biznesowe w hotelu w Krakowie

Business meetings in a hotel in Cracow

Our offer also includes preparing business meetings in our suites and business dinners in Pod Nosem Restaurant. A meeting in exclusive interiors will surprise you and your business partners. To ensure the comfort of our guests, we offer business lunches with a menu customised to the individual needs of our customers. We encourage to get familiar with our offering addressed to entrepreneurs, managers and executives.

Our waiting personnel will ensure the highest quality of service. Experienced chefs will guarantee a memorable tasting experience during important business meetings and negotiations.

Business meetings at Pod Nosem Restaurant

Pod Nosem Restaurant in Cracow offers the perfect ambiance to conduct business discussions. Depending on the preferences of our guests, we make available three rooms suitable to host a business meeting. The first room is on the ground floor; the second and third rooms are situated on the lower level of the townhouse at Kanonicza 22. It is worth mentioning that the last room features a round table that can be separated from other participants by a curtain, ensuring the privacy of business negotiations.

The menu is composed with attention to the smallest detail by our Chef Przemysław Bilski – the award-winning master chef, who gained his extensive experience in London-based restaurants recognised with a Michelin star.

Spotkania firmowe w restauracji Pod Nosem
Lunche biznesowe w Krakowie

Business lunch in Cracow

We offer the organisation of business lunches in one of our hotel suites or restaurant rooms. The restaurant has an option of an a’la carte menu or a customised menu for a special occasion. We can prepare a dedicated tasting menu composed of at least several unique dishes for our most demanding guests. Our professional personnel will make sure you are comfortable and satisfied.

Business lunches offered to companies in Cracow are prepared only from seasonal and fresh ingredients from our trusted local suppliers. We guarantee an excellent tasting experience in our historic interiors.

Atmospheric front yard

In springtime, when Cracow becomes vivid and colourful, business meetings can be moved from a suite to an atmospheric front yard at the foot of the Wawel Royal Castle. Its location, far from the urban bustle, seems to have the perfect setting for discussions and business negotiations. Colourful flowers and bushes decorate the front yard, which helps relax and maintain the appropriate level of privacy.

Pod Nosem Restaurant in Cracow offers the organisation of family outings and other events. Similarly, as in the case of business events, we will prepare decorations and menu adapted to the individual needs.

Klimatyczny ogródek pod Wawelem

Organise a business meeting!

Carefully selected products from local suppliers, unique service and exclusive interiors await you and your business partners.